Neuer Song

Heute habe ich wieder mal einen Ausschnitt aus einem neuen Song, den ich vor einer Woche geschrieben habe! Den Text findest du unter dem Video:)

Viel Spass!


Verse 1

There’s nothing I have to do

You just come up to me

You feel safe and you wanna talk to me

You know I’m there all the time

Making sure you’re all right

Going slow and staying up all night



People tell me it takes time

That they’re on a different path

Then I’ll listen guess that’s fine

There’s no other choice I have


Chorus (2x) 

Am I the therapist

That you always wanted?

Use me for free then

Leave me unattended 


Verse 2

Duty’s done I am free

Now I need time for me

When I’m in need you’re not listening

So I don’t show how I feel

Holding back everything

Focusing on everyone but me