Lynn Dossenbach



Upcoming Gigs


11th March 2024, 20:00

LIPA Spotlight, Arts Bar Baltic


24th March 2024, 18:00

Future Showcase, Future Yard


30th April 2024, 19:00

2ube XTRA, Paul McCartney Auditorium LIPA 

Lynn Dossenbach is an artist you won't easily forget. Originally from Switzerland, now based in Liverpool, Lynn is a 23-year-old indie-pop singer-songwriter, boasting a unique and warm vocal. Through her music and authentic lyrics, Lynn challenges her audiences to reflect on their life experiences, connecting with them on a deeper emotional level. 


Her inspirations range from KT Tunstall to AnnenMayKantereit whilst she’s also experimenting with a blend of different genres. 

With over 12 years of performance experience, Lynn is a confident show-woman delivering catchy melodies with insightful lyrics. 


Lynn's distinctive sound coupled with her intuitive and relatable lyrics make her performances an unforgettable experience.

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Pfarrei St. Paul


Recent Gigs

Sunset Promotions, Jacaranda Liverpool

19th February 2024


  Tories Can't DanceJacaranda Liverpool

26th January 2024


Lynn & Chiara, Bettstatt Luzern

6th January 2024


Christmas Concert, Philharmonic Liverpool

10th December 2023


2ube, LIPA Canteen Liverpool

8th December 2023


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